Recording Space Wanted!

As we're currently looking for a nice space for the recording of our new album ...

We need a spacious room of at least 50 square meters with a high ceiling and good acoustic qualities (meaning that it shouldn't have a lot of reverberations, but it doesn't have to be completely 'dry'). Something like an attic, an old cinema or theater venue, a shut-down restaurant, or a barn would be perfect. Ideally, there should be a separate smaller room that we could use as a control room, but this isn't really a must. Most notably, it needs to be a space where we don't bother anyone with our infernal noise and that allows us to record any time of day.

The space should be available from March 20 through March 30 and should have adequate heating (electrical heating would be ok as well). Moreover, we need a place in the near vicinity where we can sleep and have a shower.

If you have any ideas or offers, just drop us a line - thanks!!

The RotoR dudes